...and the way the world is going
To the struggling author, these days, it seems that there are more people writing fiction than actually reading it. The only profiteers in the business now seem to be the middle-men, distributors and the like, who charge at both ends of the process, and take increased commissions. For example, on a book selling at, say, £10, you might get 60% royalty (£6), but then you get charged for printing costs, which can be as much as £5 on top of that 60%. The author thus gets only £1 for all the hard work.

On another supplier, you might get a better return; say a selling price of £10 will earn you £3 direct from them, but maybe only 50p on the expanded distribution, but at least you are out there.

Hence the ways round that we have discovered. It is now more cost effective to keep a small stock of books, printed via a reasonable alternative, and ship these out through our website (www.incaproject.co.uk).

Ankerita was the first of those books to test this alternative route through Lulu, but the rest are now available to purchase directly from the author, and signed too.

Note also that all e-books in the Legend of Dan series are now available through SmashWords, if you don't want to buy them through this site. I also intend to try out the electronic system through Lulu.

RW - November 2019