...and the new world 0f 2022

With everything going on around us, mass lock-downs, and the population scared to go outside in case of infection, the development of home-working is accelerating. After all this is over (if ever), the world will never be the same again. To we authors, though, this is nothing new. By the very nature of being a writer, we work from home, usually isolating for hours, if not days. Welcome to our world, everybody else.

People are saying "Who could have predicted this situation?" Er, excuse me, but I did at the very beginning of The Fifth Correction, back in 2014. And here it is:

"The virulent Dokuvirus was first seen on Glenforbis, a world renowned for being the centre of organic fertiliser production, and nothing else. Its dung mines have long been celebrated in the Galaxy, as is its atmosphere. Apart from the miners, only a specific type of person was able to survive there, and property in general was spacious, air-conditioned and cheap. It was from here that the herds of the indigenous and placid doku, a variety of hairy four-horned buffalo, spread out and began to transmit the virus, but only to people they liked. The actual disease itself is thought to be harmless—it doesn’t kill, debilitate or confuse—but does have a major side-effect of causing excessive hair growth. Some would find this useful and have deliberately infected themselves where local taxation on clothing is extortionate, but others, perhaps on warmer planets, have suffered major inconvenience, the condition being of benefit only to the deodorant manufacturers—conspiracy theorists have suggested there may be a connection."

If you need help with your writing (or future predictions), feel free to contact the author, or the Inca Project. We will be pleased to give advice and support, and if you really need a major boost, put you in contact with like-minded folks. We can even give you the contacts to get your completed books printed at little or no cost.

RW - July 2020, "The year the world stood still, and Time went forwards and backwards simultaneously." Dedication from the Inn of the Sixth Dan.